Lose the fear of making a profit!

December 18, 2007

I am amazed how long it took me to realize an obvious fact.  If a company doesn’t make a profit, they won’t be around very long.  For years it seemed as though we were chasing our tails and constantly losing money on jobs.  Whether it was because we under quoted the job to get the work in house, or allowed the project to experience massive “Scope Creep” and when it was all said and done … we would either break even or lose money.  The interesting thing is that the “embarrassment” to make a profit didn’t kill us!

I am a creature of habit and therefore have many companies with which I consistently transact business.  I develop relationships with the people at these companies and enjoy the interaction I experience.  I know they are making a profit from my loyalty and when I stop to think about it … I am glad they do.  I know the better these companies are doing, the better the chance they will be there to take care of me for the long haul.  Once I develop a trust in a companies ability to provide me with consistent service, I want to protect that relationship so I don’t have to go through the painful task of finding a replacement.

I believe our client’s feel the same way!  They chose us based on the belief that we could deliver a solution for an existing problem they were facing.  I believe they also made the decision to do business with us because they trusted we would be here for a long time to support them with any future needs.  We owe it to them to give all of our clients a fair price and a quality product.  Most importantly, we owe it to our clients to make a fair profit so we can continue to be there for them when future needs arise.

Remember:  There is no need to fear profit!  Companies DO NOT exist long term unless they make a profit and if they aren’t practicing profitable habits, they won’t be there to support the work they are proposing for you anyhow.


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