Team Building Through Travel

December 6, 2007

We just arrived back in the office from our annual Christmas trip. What a great time! We began this tradition four years ago following a trip I took to Anna Maria Island, Florida with some friends of mine. While I was there I fell in love and began thinking how cool it would be to share it with the other guys who were back working hard in the office while I was playing. The more I thought about it … the better it seemed and by the time I was catching my flight home I had our plans made and tickets booked for a trip a month later. What a trip it was! When the only interaction you have with your fellow workers is in the office you don’t truly get to know someone. While on that initial trip there was a strong bond and memories that were created which are still talked about today.

As the company has grown we’ve continued this tradition but haven’t been back to the island since 2005. We were at lunch a couple months ago and were yet again chatting about the great time we had on previous trips and decided to make the trek back to the island! What a trip it was!

Brainstorming on the Beach!

The picture above was one of our many “brainstorming” sessions we had on the shores of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. As you can probably see we worked very hard. 🙂

Walking to dinner

It was extremely difficult trudging through the sand on our way to dinner when we arrived on the island. Whew! As you’ll see we did make it though.

Our Favorite Island Dinner Destination

This restaurant is incredible! It is run by a husband and wife who moved here from the Italian Alps 15 years ago and they have owned this restaurant for 10 years. All the food is made COMPLETELY from scratch and is awesome. I am getting hungry again just thinking of it!

Our own beach house bar

We didn’t even need to leave the beach house for fun since we had a cool bar right in the house. It was very cool and in fact with the decor of the outside of the house, we had someone walk up to the house and tell us he thought it was a bar and was looking for a drink. 🙂

Beautiful Surroundings

It was tough dealing with all these beautiful views all day every day, but even tougher dealing with the macho contest! 🙂

All I can say is WHAT A TRIP! We went boating for a day and had dolphins swim up within 2 feet of our boat and we were floating right next to the Skyway bridge. I could put a million pictures on here since I think we took about that many, but I need to get all my work done since returning.

If you ever have an opportunity to travel with your company for bonding I would HIGHLY recommend it. You will create memories and a bond that will make it much easier to deal with the difficult times in the work place.


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