The Focus Should Be: Get Better Each Day!

October 24, 2007

I have been studying goal setting for years. I find it amazing how easy it is to set a goal, break down the actions required into daily tasks, and then making sure I do the required actions. The other amazing thing is … although it is so easy, it is even easier NOT to do it!

I made a firm decision earlier this year to take a full day and put serious thought into what my goals would be for the remainder of this year. I included goals for my health, family, career, my finances, and also Mindscape. Once I determined what those goals were going to be, I chose one task I would complete each day which would move me in the direction of attaining each specific goal.

This exercise was different than any time I had done it in the past. I approached this day with enthusiasm and put a tremendous amount of thought into each segment of my life and how I would like to improve in each area. I quickly realized that if you are ready, and approach a decision with complete passion, the excitement you experience is unbelievable. While I was coming up with these goals and working on finishing up the last of the action plan, I felt as if I had started a new chapter of my life.

I won’t bore you with the individual goals I set for each segment of my life, nor the specific progress I’ve made. I am proud to say I have hit 80% of the targets I set that day though, and I will share with you what I believe was the difference between this and the many other times I went through the same exercise. I placed my focus on getting better every day in every segment of my life. Once I had this focus it was easy for me to set measurable goals, and with a little thought, I was able to develop an action plan.

Every person going through a goal setting exercise will experience the uncomfortable feeling of breaking old habit patterns. Once this happens it’s much easier to go about your day the same way you did in the past. Whenever these feelings of settling for mediocrity crept in, I would remind myself of my desire to improve in all segments of my life, and asked myself, “Is this going to help me accomplish my goal?” If the answer was “no,” I’d immediately change course and take the less comfortable path.

You can do the same with your company. At Mindscape We have a meeting each and every week with the different departments. Our goal is to discuss the state of each department, identify areas of need, and assign tasks to help improve each area within the company. I get most excited because I know Mindscape is going to be a better, stronger company every single week. I know this because each of us is working in a focused direction to make sure this is going to happen!

I don’t think it is ok to settle for less than the best. The only question is how good can the best be? I am excited to try to figure that one out! 🙂


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