The Process of Finding Our Identity

October 15, 2007

It’s funny how long a company can exist before truly finding its identity. This seems to be an issue with companies of all types and sizes. You can spend thousands of dollars on branding campaigns or coming up with that perfect marketing message, and still be experiencing an identity crisis.

Mindscape was started in November of 2001 to assist companies with their online presence and show them a clear return on investment by streamlining their processes through the implementation of Web based tools. We were amazed how some development companies were charging tens of thousands of dollars for simple brochure sites that communicated a company’s message similar to a print ad and we made a decision we would not be the same. We would spend the time to develop a creative solution that would directly save our clients time or money and make the money they spent with us a true investment…not an expense.

The early days of Mindscape were filled with exciting opportunities stretching across dozens of industries. We enjoyed the diversity and challenge of understanding how different industries worked and loved coming up with creative ideas and figuring out how to translate those ideas into an improvement of our client’s bottom line. We had an interesting mix of personalities on our team which helped us approach our solutions from many different angles and we always had open communication and placed a high value on each team member’s opinion.

As we’ve grown from the original four to the current size of twelve we’ve always had the same focus on ROI for our clients and also team wide input on what we could do best to help our clients. This is the one component of our company which has remained consistent. We’ve gone through a maturation process as the years have passed and slowly learned our sweet spot as a company. This process, not unlike the process a child goes though, has been very frustrating at times. We’ve experienced the typical issues of cash flow troubles, scheduling conflicts, and job quoting challenges.

The one challenge we’ve been successful at avoiding is employee turnover! Mindscape began with a solid foundation of creative thinkers joining together to solve company issues and have consistently added to the intellectual capital by the addition of very talented team members. Each time we’ve added a new person to our team, Mindscape has grown in value due to the different thoughts and views which are added along with the new person. There isn’t one day that passes where Mindscape’s knowledge stays the same. Due to the collaboration of the team members, our intellectual value increases exponentially and that is extremely exciting to all of us!

Although it has taken us a long time to find our identity, now that we have the real magic can happen! I will be updating this blog frequently by focusing on different processes and ideas which are emerging from the Mindscape collaborative process. I hope this gives you an excellent view “Inside Mindscape” and helps you get to know us much better.


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